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  • System tailor-made to suit required project parameters.

  • Supply complete with self-standing supporting structures.

  • Air-separator with vacuum wheel delivers seed-cotton to the storage hopper.

  • Storage hopper equipped with level switches to automatically cut-off and resume suction to prevent overfilling and maintain a buffer stock of seed-cotton for the feed controller to maintain the set feed rate to the processing section.

  • Storage hopper may act as a combination Auto-suction-control-cum overflow hopper.

  • Feed rollers of Feed Controller driven by infinitely variable speed motor. Spiked dispersal cylinder ensures Positive fluffing of seed-cotton locks for free travel.

  • Seed-cotton discharged to hot air drying system through positive air seal of tandem wheels or combination vacuum & flight saver wheels.
 Auto-Suction & Feed Control System - Nipha Cotton Ginning Plant
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