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Bale Bagging & Weighing Line - Nipha Cotton Ginning Plant
  • Saves time of wrapping at the press.

  • Provides 100% wrapping of bales.

  • It is possible to provide ticket printing facilities at the weighing scale Display unit to provide additional information such as Bale No., date & time, cotton grade etc.
System Features
  • Includes a Bale Dolly for carrying the Bales ejected from Bale Press to the Bale Bagging & weighing Line.

  • An over-head Bale Pusher pushes the naked strapped bale through the Bagger unit.

  • A bale bag is inserted manually onto the Bale Bagger from its exit side.

  • Upon further pushing the bale moves onto the electronic Weighing Scale together with the bag wrapped around it.

  • Further pushing upon completion of weighing, upends the bale where the open top end of the bag is stitched.

  • Bale Dolly and Bale pusher are electrically operated with motor drives and bales on stitching platform are pushed pneumatically.

  • Equipped with unfailing limit Switches for sequence inter-locked automatic operation with manual overrides wherever necessary.

  • Bagger is tailor made to suit respective bale sizes.

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