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Air Fed Inclined Cleaner
  • Most versatile and efficient equipment, designed for modern ginning systems of all capacities.

  • May be used as a Cleaner-cum-Air Separator in pneumatic handling of seed-cotton for unloading as well as cleaning or as a Hot Air Cleaner in drying system.

  • Spiked cleaning cylinders across individual round grid bars ensure gentle treatment and free flow of seed-cotton through the machine, adequate opening of cotton and removal of all fine trash including dust, sand, leaf, pepper, pins etc. before they get embedded in the cotton.

  • Incorporates special sealing of shafts and all possible openings to cut-off dust emission and allow high vacuum operation.

  • Twin or splatter box inlet for full width operation of the cleaner.
Air - Fed Inclined Cleaner - Nipha Cotton Ginning Plant
Model 'NHAC' 800 'NHAC' 1100 NHAC' 1900 'NHAC' 2500 'NHAC' 3100
Width 760 mm (30")+ 1065 mm (42") 1830 mm (72") 2440 mm (95") 3050 mm(120")
Gravity Cleaner with Extractor Unit
  • The Unit is constituted of two sections-a cylinder cleaning section and an extractor cleaning section. Spiked cleaning cylinders carry the cotton across round grid bars with wider gaps and strip the sticks, stems, quarter burrs, immature motes, leaves and other large impurities from the cotton which together with some good cotton pass to the extractor section and tare applied on a saw cylinder for reclamation of the seed-cotton and sling-off of all trash material through widely spaced grid bars. A brush cylinder doffs the seed-cotton from saws and this together with a spiked roller returns the reclaimed cotton to the main stream in the cylinder cleaning section.

  • The trash separated is disposed off by a conveyor.

  • Most effective pre-cleaning and gentle action to prevent staple degradation.
Gravity Cleaner with Extractor Unit - Nipha Cotton Ginning Plant
Width 1830 mm (72") 2440 mm (96") 3050 mm (120")
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