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 Automatic Double Box Universal & High Density Up - Packing Cotton Baling Presses - 'NDBUP' Model - Nipha Cotton Ginning Plant
Box Size 1040 mm x 508 mm (41” x 20”) 1370 mm x
508 mm (54” x 20”)
Bale Wt. 170 kgs. to 300 kgs.
Capacity 15 to 35 Bales per hour
Tonnage 270 to 400 Tons
Bale Density 15 to 35 lbs./cu.ft.
Installed at floor level and no press pit required; Press design deserves serious consideration where building height poses no problem and the site suffers from constant high water table consequences.
  • All metal heavy duty construction
  • Hydraulic Power Pack pressing, box lifting and raising of bed/ platen assembly for free turning of boxes
  • Hydraulic/ Mechanical Tramper and Hydraulic/ Pneumatic/ Belt Feeder in synchronized operation
  • Pneumatic latch operation, lift-box locking and bale ejection
  • Automatic Bale Weight Control
  • Power turning of press boxes with fluid drive
  • Hard-chrome plated double acting Rams & Cylinders
  • Automatic Ram Travel Stop and Retract Control
  • Delayed stop of Tramper Head of top position only
  • Pre-wired Motor Control Centre and Control Console for integrated operation of Press System
  • Unfailing Limit Switches for sequence interlocking and safe operation
  • Highly reliable operation and reduced maintenance
  • Deviations from standard design, incorporating alternative system specifications and extra features are made wherever necessary to suit specific productivity requirements
Nipha “BDBDP” Presses are also supplied with:

Combination of Hydraulic Tramper and Mechanical Belt Feeder

Combination of Hydraulic Tramper and Hydraulic/ Pneumatic Pusher Feeder

Programmable Logic Controller incorporated in Press Control System acting in conjunction with a series of Limit Switches and Relays

Battery Condenser with special compacting rollers for enhanced lint feeding

Humidification of Lint at lint slide for increased density of bales

A Bale Bagging and Weighing Line acting in unison with the Press Control for avoiding additional bale wrapping time at the Press and 100% wrapping of Bales
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